ag视讯怎么玩Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University was founded in 1958 with the name of Henan Sport Institute and was renamed as Zhengzhou Sport Institute in 1960, which was closed in 1962 because of the national difficulty in economy. In 1984, on the construction site of Zhengzhou Sport Institute, Henan Sport Technical School was established, which was renamed as Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University in 1992. According to the summary of the meeting of the provincial people’s government(1992) No.48, the College keeps at the deputy post of the provincial department level and is a separate legal entity.During the past over 50 years, over 12,000 students have graduated from this college including more than 1,000 famous athletes like Wu Lanying, Jia Zhanbo, Sun Tiantian, Niu Anlin, Ding Jie, Wang Erping, some of whom are world champions and Olympic winners.Great achievements have been made in physical education, sport exercise, development of sport industry, the nationwide fitness program, sport technical innovation and researches on local sport culture in Henan.